Friday, November 13, 2009

A UTM Show and a Friendly Holiday Reminder!

Hope everyone is having a great Fall!

Just a few quick reminders...

Under the Moon Niagara will be at the St. Catharines Museum this Sunday, November 15th from 12-4 PM for their annual Friends' Day event. Admission is FREE, although they'd appreciate a donation of warm mittens, scarves or hats for Community Care. It is a great event and lots of fun for the whole family...for the kids, be sure to visit the Talking Mitten Tree, Mad Science activity station, as well as Frank Proctor reading from the newly republished "The Day the Welland Canal Monster Met Santa" (one of my favourites as a kid)! For the grown-ups, check out the famous Friends' Day silent auction, as well as the Holiday Market (that's where we'll be, so be sure to drop by and say hi)! There are refreshments and other activities, and of course the Museum and Lacrosse Hall of Fame will be open too! The Museum is located at Lock 3 of the Welland Canal in St. Catharines, on the Welland Canals Parkway between Queenston Road and Glendale Avenue.

Speaking of this Sunday, please remember that the 15th is the cut-off date for guaranteed delivery for Christmas for overseas items. While many of our items ship within a week or two, others (such as the Grimm toys from Germany) take much longer due to international shipping and customs. Therefore, if you're looking to place an order for one of these items, please contact me over the weekend. If you are unsure of where a particular product comes from and the shipping times, please email or call and I can get the info to you ASAP!

Of course, the earlier you order, the less strees you have about having to finish your shopping...

To browse our regular or holiday catalogues, visit

Hope to see you this weekend at the Museum!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, the Fall season seems to just be flying by!!!

Here at Under the Moon Niagara, I've been busy getting things set up for the holiday season. I also did a Mom2Mom show in St. Catharines, which was my first "show" and was a lot of fun! It was great to get out into the community and meet other Moms (and Dads, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles!) and find out what sorts of things people are interested in! I also enjoyed networking with lots of other working Moms who have started their own businesses and are quite inspiring to someone like me who's just starting out! Thanks to everyone who dropped by the booth to chat and look at the catalogue. Also, congratulations to Michelle B., who was the winner of the draw for the UTM sampler basket!

Now, I am about to shift gears to the holiday season...and it's not even Hallowe'en yet! But December is quickly approaching, and lots of people are starting to think about gifts for family and friends.

And we have some exciting news...our special holiday catalogue, with an additional 32 pages of gifts that are NOT included in the regular catalogue, will be available online! I can email you a copy if you'd like, so let me know!

If you'd like to order something from the catalogue, please let me know. If you are interested in chatting about ideas, feel free to contact me.

Our order deadline to guarantee delivery before Christmas ranges from November 1st to the 15th, depending onthe product. I can absolutely put in orders for you after that, but we can not guarantee that they will arrive before December 25th. As some of our products come from the United States and Europe, it is not just our shipping time we take into account, but also that of other countries! So order early to avoid disappointment!

Remember that you don't have to host a party (although you do get great hostess perks for having one!). I can also put in individual orders, and of course we also keep wish lists on file. Just let me know what you'd like to add, we'll keep it here, and when your family and friends contact us, we'll send them a list of your picks via email, or help them to choose the perfect item over the phone. Please get in touch if you'd like more information, or to set up your list! I'll also keep the lists on file past the holidays, so if you'd like to have an ongoing list for birthdays, etc. we can do that for you too!

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Fall, and keep on dancing Under the Moon!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whose chest is this anyways???

Statistics show that as many as 75% of us wear the wrong bra size...add to that the fact that your size can change dramatically over the course of prenancy and after the baby is born, and you have some seriously uncomfortable women out there! It is so important to have a well-fitted and comfortable bra at any time, but it is especially important for pregnant and nursing moms. Not only is an improper bra fit uncomfortable, but it can also cause problems once your milk comes in (when the milk glands are compressed, they can become clogged and a very painful infection called mastitis can result). Speaking from first-hand experience, I can tell you that this is NOT something you want to experience if you can avoid it, and a well-fitting bra is one of several key components that help ensure a comfortable post-partum and breastfeeding experience!

If you have questions about breast health during pregnancy or post-partum, speak with your doctor or midwife, or contact your local health department. And once your little bundle of joy has arrived, you may have questions as well. Breastfeeding takes practice, and like any relationship, it takes work (I nursed my daughter for 14 months, so I know how challenging it can be at times)! It can be overwhelming once you have a little bundle in your arms, but it's important to have faith in your body's ability to nourish your baby. It is NOT a sign of weakness to ask questions or seek shows that you are a great parent for wanting to do the best for your child!

For help with breastfeeding, ask your health care provider, local health department, or lactation consultant. For more information and peer support, La Leche League can be a great source of help. Choosing to breastfeed is a great way to provide the best start for your baby...studies have shown that breast milk helps to provide protection against infections, lowers risk for allergies, asthma, and diabetes, and also helps mom to lose pregnancy weight and reduce the chance of developing breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer. Best of all, breastmilk is specially formulated for your baby and his or her specific stage of development (and you don't have to worry about pthalates like BPA leaching into your baby's food from formula containers and plastic baby bottles).
If you have questions about sizing a maternity or nursing bra or tank, feel free to contact me. I have just become a Bravado Certified Fitter, and I look forward to helping pregnant and nursing moms feel their best! I can help you to find just the right fit that will help keep you comfortable and looking your best throughout your pregnancy and beyond! The best way to fit a bra or tank top is in person, but it is possible to fit over the phone as well.
Remember, we're here to "support" you (sorry, couldn't resist a little bra humour there)!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome to Under the Moon Niagara


I hope that you enjoy your time here!

I am a demonstrator for Under the Moon, a fantastic company started by a team of Moms who believe in supporting Canadian products, "mompreneur" businesses and companies that put the planet before profit!

I'm looking forward to helping you find all of the products you need to care for yourself and your family.

Here is just a taste of some of the great items we offer:

  • Cloth diapers, earth-friendly diaper hybrids and chlorine-free disposables and wipes

  • Stylish diaper bags and baby gear

  • Baby carriers, wraps, ring slings and more!

  • Maternity wear and pregnancy support belts, nursing bras and tanks, breastfeeding books and DVDs, pre-natal/post-partum workout balls, and nursing pillows

  • Breast pumps, nursing pads, hydrogel therapy pads and nipple care products

  • Trendy and eco-friendly T-shirts for the whole family!

  • Tons of fashionable options for clothing your babies and children, including droolers and bibs, leg warmers, wearable sleep blankets, shoes and more!

  • Pregnancy and post-partum teas, baby and family skin care products, and herbal/homeopathic remedies

  • Items to pamper that special Mom in your life (or yourself!): beeswax candles; natural massage bars, lip balms and soaps; jewelry; and natural feminine care products

  • BPA-free stainless-steel water bottles

  • Books for everyone in the family, from babies to grandparents!

  • Green cleaning products

  • Creative, battery-free cloth and wooden toys, including dolls and doll accessories, wooden and Waldorf blocks, puzzles, stacking games, mobiles and baby toys, playmats and rugs, and more!

We carry brand names such as:

And so much more!

Our products are environmentally-friendly and of a high quality. That means once your little ones outgrow them, they will still have a high resale value, or will still be in great condition to pass on to family or friends!

As a demonstrator, I can also help you set up a baby shower, mommy party, or help you build up your own collection of baby supplies, toys, books and more! There are lots of ideas for birthday or holiday gifts too! One of the great benefits of Under the Moon is that hostesses receive wonderful discounts as well as free UTM Buck reward dollars, which you can put towards product.

I really believe that these items are high quality, socially and enviromentally responsible, and help to support our economy. I use many of them with my own daughter, and would love to share the benefits of our products with you!

Check back here for updates, events and giveaways, as well as interesting info for parents, grandparents and the whole family!

I look forward to helping to serve you and your family! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, and welcome to Under the Moon!

Note that the links above are not to our catalogue...that link can be found by clicking on the title of this post!